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Ada Allen
Apr 06, 2022
In Share Your Memory
It was such a shock to hear of your passing, I regret immediately that we didn't get together one more time, I still owe you a meal! It must have been 4 years ago since we last had lunch in Richmond, you were always the kind and warm person I knew, family first, selfless and loving. I miss you. When we first met at work, we talked daily, 50% work, 50% just chatted about family, cooking, everything and anything. Jackie and Jeffrey, your mom was so proud of you, we talked about you all the time. I am glad you posted many photos of Priscilla, I have hardly seen any of those. Every time we met she would show me photos of you two only, proud of who you are; even though I have only met you once when your were little, I have watched you growing up through your mom's eyes, you are her everything. Billy, I always tease you two have 夫妻相, indeed you were a great couple meant to be. In this difficult time, may peace be with you and know that Priscilla is always in your hearts, in my heart....
Ada Allen

Ada Allen

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