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Patrick Ho
Apr 17, 2022
In Share Your Memory
It was shocking and very saddening when Billy let me know that Priscilla was no longer with us. I had known Priscilla since 1996 and worked with her at three different companies (Glenayre, CREO, and Eaton). She was not only a coworker but also a close friend. Priscilla was always so cheerful and energetic, she bought a lot of positive energy to the workplaces and she was such a caring person. The bits and pieces of memory I will treasure forever: talking about children (she was very proud of her daughter and son), things that we liked (she loved traveling), things that we didn't like (she hated mice and scared of small animals)...... Rest In Peace my dear friend, till we meet again. Patrick
I am gonna miss you, my friend. content media
Patrick Ho

Patrick Ho

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